#4 Art, entertainment or both

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I can name many reasons why I listen to music. Sometimes more than other times. It depends on the time of day, how you feel, what you did the day before or what you ate for breakfast. I used to pick a record from my vinyl collection and played the whole thing. But since I moved, I don´t have a record player anymore. Now I am limited to Spotify. The upside is that I get to know loads of songs which I didn´t know before because I don´t own the records. The downside is that it isn’t vinyl. I have been asking myself a question for some time now, and maybe you have as well: could you make a distinction in music to call some music art and some entertainment? Some songs stay around for a long time and some just for a day. It’s almost like songs are hyped in order to make loads of money in a shortest amount of time possible. Is the music that stays around for a short period of time merely the product of a profit based record company? Or is there something else to it? And if so, how did we let this happen? Many people still talk about the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties. Will people in the 2040 still talk about the 00´s? I know time filters out most things and only takes the good things with it. After all, history is written by winners. Does this mean that the number one´s of today will be legends in 2040? I highly doubt that. So what modern songs will be played in 40 years? Only time will tell… Don´t ask me to answer all the questions I have on this subject. In my opinion only the clock can answer them. What this says about the distinction between art and entertainment is, I guess, that entertainment only stays around for a short period of time. Like an orgasm. Art on the other hand will be enjoyed by different generations. Everybody has the power to decide for themselves what they think of as art or entertainment, and maybe...

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#3 The story of our Sudan

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On a sunny day in the late summer of 2014, Soul Brother Number Two and I decided to go to the Sarphatipark with a six-pack, a notebook and a guitar. While making music, we stumbled upon some chords which worked pretty well together. We started talking about problems which occur in the world and we both felt very strongly about inequality. Since Soul Brother Number Two has African roots, we started to talk about Africa and how the lives of people must look like over there. I was only guessing but I think he was not. It is pretty hard to try to imagine the kind of hunger, hopelessness and horror somebody goes through on the other side of the world. And what’s more, it’s not going to make a difference. In our attempt to make a difference we wrote a song about it, to try raising some awareness and making other people think about it when listening to our song. Who knows, maybe someone will act on it. Click here to download. Lyrics: Six thousand days since I arrived on this forsaken land, I had broken dreams and three dollars in my hand. Set off on the panes of hope, was hunted like a wounded antelope. My horizon was made out of sand. To travel the sands of the southern Sudan, to find fame and fortune in the promised land. Left as a boy and I arrived as a man, there’s only so much a man can bare. But I had to get away from there. Three thousand I roamed, traveled the desert on my own, and I think I left my heart at home. Someday I would like to pick it up, but everyone there is so corrupt. They probably make me pay for my own heart. To travel the sands of the southern Sudan, to find fame and fortune in the promised land. Left as a boy and I arrived as a man, there’s only so much a man can bare. But I had to get away from there. Oh and the thing I miss the most is the sound, of the African band. Listen to the sound, of the African hand. To travel the sands of the southern Sudan, to find fame and fortune in the promised land. Left as a boy and I arrived as a man, there’s only so much a man can bare. But I had to get away from...

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#2 Inspiration

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Inspiration   You cannot catch it by hand. There’s no formula for it. If you’re open for it, there’s not much left to do but to wait. So the question I ask myself is: what do you do until inspiration strikes? And what do you do when inspiration strikes? Do you just let it go by? Or do you do something with it? I write all sorts of things and sometimes those lyrics are accompanied by chords and tones. Other people do it the other way around, pick up a brush or start working in their garden. If you live for the moments were inspiration strikes, there’s not much left to do in the meantime except for living, improving your skills on your instrument and show your work to others if you feel you need to do so. But are there things we can do to try to influence our inspiration? And if that’s possible, why do we need to do so? That might depend on if you care about other people their opinions and how you want those opinions to be. If you actively try to change those opinions you create boundaries in your creative process, and boundaries are the one try enemy of creativity. Another note on inspiration, all inspiration is equal no matter where it comes from. It’s not the inspiration that counts, it is what you do with it. Whether you write a song, a book, wash a car or cut your hair. So, don’t question yourself while you’re at it. Instead of waiting for inspiration, let’s try to improve ourselves in the meantime. So when inspiration strikes, we can really do something with it that’s...

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#1 More to follow

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I just got home from a friend’s place and he was listening to Chet Baker. Without that friend this website would not exist and I would not listen to Chet Baker whilst I’m writing this, so thanks for that and many other things Soul Brother Number Two. Without you my musical career would have looked a lot different, read: less developed. Having said that all this, hello, good evening, and welcome to my website. This is the first blog I post here, so let’s talk about the things you can expect to see on this website in the future. My name is Wouter Hogers and I’m a musician, I’ll be posting my new songs and all the related things like gigs and news on this website. I try to get a lot of different influences, so what comes out may come from anywhere. Like David Bowie once said ‘One never knows what ones work is about when you write it. It will probably take at least five years before you understand fully what it is about’ I might be paraphrasing, but you get the point. I hope. Take a look around and act like you’re at home. I’m going to grab another beer. And if you have any questions… you’re already here so you found me! Just ask!   Good...

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